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Your Breath Is Your Conversation With The World (Sakara Life - News)

Smokers choice ~ You never know what's going to take your life so, Enjoy today don't think about tomorrow. It may never be smoking related... Hell today could be the day you get hit by a bus! RIP if you do but I never would wish it on you. Just saying!!

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[[ sο hοω αβουτ ωε βεςοmε mοηsτεrs τοgετhεr | αηδ τυrη τhιs ωοrlδ υρ-sιδε δοωη? ]]

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Black Colors of M (technically I think these are brown but just dark in the shot but the original pinner says that are black so on to the board they go!)

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My favorite colors are black, dark black, pitch black, pastel black, light black, and faded black

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"When we first come in contact with our dark side, our initial instinct is to turn away and our second is to bargain with it to leave us alone. Many of us have spent vast amount of time and money in an effort to do just that." – Debbie Ford, The Shadow Effect

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