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How to Make Your Own Black Currant Juice Concentrate | Creative Pink Butterfly


People ask me if I ever drink Coca Cola & I always answer of course not why would anyone choose that when there are options like @nordicsuperfood Kombucha or freshly squeezed juices. I always put my health first & raw black currant juice from #nordicsuperfood always seems like the right choice

from An Oregon Cottage

Canned Black Current Juice Concentrate {For Italian Sodas}

Canned Black Current Juice Concentrate {For Italian Sodas} - An Oregon Cottage | An Oregon Cottage


Chicken with black currant juice and crème fraiche


Bring out the boo's and make Eyeball Punch for Halloween. (3 Servings) Pop a blueberry into 18 lychees cavities. Add to the freezer for 1 hour (keep the lychee juice from the can!) Grab a bowl or pitcher and stir 1/2 cup concentrate black currant juice (unsweetened), 1/2 cup syrup from the lychee can, 1 can flipflop Fizzy Pink Moscato, and 1.5 oz Grand Marnier. Remove "eyeballs" from freezer and add to the mixture. Top 3 cups lemon lime seltzer and stir lightly. Serve in highball glasses…


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Glasses with fresh Black Currant juice. Bog blueberry and lemon balm on black table