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An easy and fun project from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas. You just need sidewalk chalk, black construction tape, masking tape and water! Great for making flags too!

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Gift for parents- silhouettes! Take a side profile picture of each child, print them out and cut them with black construction paper/card stock behind the photo! So much easier than trying to have the little ones hold still while you trace their shadow!

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The Lost Sock : BUBBLES! black construction paper, circle patterns, construction paper crayons, and a bottle of bubbles!

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Paper Heart Raccoon Craft For Kids

We made a heart raccoon craft today! This is perfect for a Valentine’s day art project to do with the kids or if you’re just learning about the animals. You will need brown and black construction paper. Cut two medium size black hearts, 2 small, and one skinny small heart. Then cut a big brown heart and two smaller ones. Glue the black hearts onto the face facing outwards, with their points almost touching. Glue the small black hearts inside the small brown ones. These will be the raccoon’s…

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Freedom quilts - fun to make, and also a teaching tool. Can also use in a classroom with either fabric scraps and glue, tissue paper, or laminate a pattern block and used laminated colored construction paper for the "pieces". :o)

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Create Art With Me! One sheet of white construction paper, 9"x12" One sheet of black construction paper, 12"x18" Ruler Pencil and eraser Markers, assorted colors Glue sticks

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