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Watch TinyKittens's The Kittens of Oz on Dorothy's family kicked her out for coming home pregnant. She then broke into a neighbor's apartment, where they kindly cared for her as long as they could. She was infested with fleas, and more tapeworms than we've ever seen. She's feeling much better after deworming and treating her fleas. We are expecting babies any day now!

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Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black Cats Appreciation Day is here but black cats are awesome all year round. Here are some reasons, and click over to find more black cat love!

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Black Cat, Edgar Allan Poe gothic short story w/non-fiction & multimedia,CCSS

Use the short story, “The Black Cat” by American Gothic/Dark Romantic writer Edgar Allan Poe, to teach your students the elements of literary analysis, get them thinking deeply about the text, and provide opportunities for real-world connections via an actual newspaper article/activity detailing a similar crime.


I love every cat I've ever had. But for many us--cat or dog lovers, there is usually one who is/was the penultimate. Who was special beyond special. The one for me was my black cat, Kai, who 'owned me' for 19 years. One day I want to have at least three black cats!


My black cat Juliet does this, but only on the book, newspaper etc... im trying to read! lol..

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Do You Like My Ball? - 21st November 2016

Do You Like My Ball? - Click to see loads of great pictures of cats and kittens to brighten your day.


Black Cat Day should be every day. I've been owned by 3 black cats in my life, so far. Each one adopted and saved from sure death. One long haired black kitten, about to be drowned in a bag by a friend's evil father, lived with us for 19 years.