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Arabian horse Egyptian show performance native costume ~ Beautiful Black Arabian, so classique

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My heart quickens as I imagine sitting atop this animal getting ready to take him/her for an all day summer ride into the mountains and meadows high above the Ruby Reservoir near Sheridan, Montana.

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Beautiful shiny Black Arabian Horse standing in the dirt floor barn. Beautiful ornate necklace adorning the horse's graceful neck.

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Black Arabian Horses | Rhapsody in Black | Egyptian Arabian Horses - Arabians LTD.

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A Purebred Arabian will always fit the bill of a stylish and showy mount, however they also have so much more to offer. (For Instance: Where do you think the American Quarter Horse and Thoroughbreds got their speed?)

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Fire and spirit! This black Arabian horse looks exactly like the horse inspired but Walter Farley in the Black Stallion novels! Amazing,

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