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"Decay" - Angela Rizza {contemporary art animals crows #ravens birds mushrooms illustration}

Crows Ravens: Ravens ~ "Decay," by Angela Rizza, at deviantART.

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InPrint Magazine Black And White Issue

Butterflies signify a new fitting for the Grim reaper to be looking on.

Lovers who eat the world - Mariano Peccinetti  I see two people in love, but with a world in between.

This week I show you the great works by the Argentinian collage artist Mariano Peccinetti. His bold psychedelic-surreal works are full of beauty and poetry.

This photo montage is a bit disturbing but also very surreal. The image on the top is colorful and has a vintage and innocent type of look which is ironic due to her actions. The bottom image is in black and white which I think aids to the overall photo because it seems like the girl is sucking the life and color out of the brain.

Reptilian Snack Art Print

With roast dinners made of gemstones, planes dropping boiled-sweet bombs and a girl sipping from a brain with a straw, artist Eugenia Loli’s magical realist mash-ups are mind-bending, strange and unsettling

The Bizarre Sculptures Of Patricia Piccinini

The Bizarre Sculptures Of Patricia Piccinini

The Bizarre Sculptures Of Patricia Piccinini.What in THE heck?

Interview | Alexandra Levasseur's Galaxies and Hearts Aflame - beautiful.bizarre

gorgeous painting "Lextase (Ecstasy)" [Acrylic and pencil on paper mounted on wood 50 x 50 cm] .