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Bittorrent Movies

TorrenTV brings BitTorrent movies to your Apple TV

ISIS Supporter Hacks 54000 Twitter Accounts and Posts Details of Heads of the CIA and FBI

Anime Torrents

ISIS Calls Anonymous "IDIOTS" and Issues 5 Lame Tips for its Members to Avoid Getting Hacked

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It’s no secret that despite being billed as a great way to download large Linux distros and copyright free software, BitTorrent is primarily used to download the latest Star Wars movie, episo…

More than 1 Million Websites Install Free SSL Certificate (and Counting...)

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Researcher releases Free Hacking Tool that Can Steal all Your Secrets from Password Manager

BitTorrent Movie | Your Blog Description

Serious Yet Patched Flaw Exposes 6.1 Million IoT Mobile Devices to Remote Code Execution

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ThePirateCity embraces movie streaming

ThePirateCity embraces movie streaming | BitTorrents? Pah! That's so last year when it comes to illegitimate movie watching. ThePirateCity, no relation to the equally rule-bending Pirate Bay, is offering the latest movies, all of which have yet to hit DVD, free to watch on its site via streaming. Buying advice from the leading technology site