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TorrenTV brings BitTorrent movies to your Apple TV

ISIS Supporter Hacks 54000 Twitter Accounts and Posts Details of Heads of the CIA and FBI

ISIS Calls Anonymous "IDIOTS" and Issues 5 Lame Tips for its Members to Avoid Getting Hacked

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Serious Yet Patched Flaw Exposes 6.1 Million IoT Mobile Devices to Remote Code Execution

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Researcher releases Free Hacking Tool that Can Steal all Your Secrets from Password Manager

مشاهدة فيلم الرعب و الغموض الرهيب The Faith of Anna Waters 2016 مترجم اون لاين…

"VPN Provider CryptoSeal Shuts Down After Lavabit Case Undermines Security - It may be forced to hand over its encryption keys to United States authorities. Shutting down, the company says, is the only solution to protect customer privacy."

BitTorrent Expert Report Slams Movie Piracy Evidence In recent years many people have accused so-called copyright trolls of using dubious tactics and shoddy evidence to extract cash settlements from alleged movie pirates. As the most active copyright litigant in the United States adult entertainment outfit Malibu Media has been subjected to these allegations as well. The company widely known for its popular X-Art brand has gone after thousands of alleged offenders in recent years earning…

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