Bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus) - pretty berries, but this is a rampant, insidious weed, very difficult to eradicate.

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Fresh bittersweet is a beautiful harbinger of the Fall season. Walking along the banks of the Delaware river enjoying the beautiful sunny weather, I found this pretty bittersweet vine draping down everywhere from the lofty heights of trees along the water. I cut pieces that I could reach and brought them home to make a wreath. With the help of a little rusty wire, I wove the vine into this wonderfully wild Fall creation. The wreath measures 29 by 26 and is 8 3/4 in depth. It may be hung…

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Bittersweet Vine garland | Fall Harvest Bittersweet Berry Garland - Garlands - Floral Supplies ... Like this! only 10X bigger! lol

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This is a guide about growing bittersweet. Bittersweet is an easy to grow vine known for its beautiful fall color.

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bittersweet - Google Search Love this. Williams Sonoma has something similar - though like this better -more untamed, natural.

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Fresh Natural Bittersweet Vines • Wild Cut Bittersweet • Natural Fall Home Decor Crafting by NaturalistsCupboard on Etsy

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