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Legend of the White Buffalo

White Buffalo - there are THREE of them in Bismarck, ND! White Cloud is the mother of the other two.

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We saw lots on these while on a trip to Yellowstone in February. Simply amazing watching them forging through deep snow, foraging for a bite of grass deep under the snow. Some were covered solid with ice & snow!!

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Marching Band Problems *immediately starts singing opening song* means you know all the words to on bison. including bison once bison twice

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The American buffalo, also known as bison, has always held great meaning for many American Indian people. To certain tribes, buffalo represent their spirit and remind them of how their lives were once lived: free and in harmony with nature. During the 19th century, the U.S. government encouraged mass hunting of bison as a tactic in the war against the tribes of the Great Plains. An estimated 60 million bison were killed in just 100 years. By 1893, only a few hundred bison remained in North…

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~Butchers slaughtering bison had the last male falls to his knees and sob for his life, one of the butchers being and mind cleared. He bought the bison and gave him his home to share, quit his job and is now sane, conscious and fighting. True story, recent. Yes, they feel more than you because they are all good and have no evil in them.

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