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Sister Survival kit. This is such a cute idea my daughter is making one for her sister. This homemade gift is a good idea for a birthday or christmas etc. It is sweet but also maybe the strangest gift you will ever get given. The whole point of tis gift is too give your sister items and how they show how much you love her. There are so many ideas on what you can give. so sweet. by firepaw


Have a Great Day! Happy Birthday Card for Sister: For a sweet sister, this birthday card is simply delightful. Polk dots, checks and roses create a timeless feel on this birthday card. There are so many ways to wish your sister a happy birthday, so why not say it with a heartfelt, beautiful birthday card? Light up her day with this special card. She won't forget your thoughtfulness. It is sure to bring a smile to her lips.

Enjoy Your Special Day Sis! Happy Birthday Card: Your sister is your best friend, your partner in crime, your shoulder to cry on, and an ear to confide in. This sweet birthday card for a special sister is elegant, and yet still carefree - just like your relationship! Charming peonies blush in light pinks and surround the sincere birthday message. For a day of fun and happiness, send a birthday greeting to your sister that will truly delight her heart and remind her how much you care.