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Birth records are important records in our genealogy research and come in many forms. Birth certificates, family Bibles, and church records are common sources of your ancestor's birth. As with all genealogy records, understanding what is available for the time and location of your ancestors is crucial.

Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records?... supporters claimed that she worked in the US embassy in Morocco when Sasha (Natasha ) Obama was adopted from Morocco,”

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Find Free Public Birth Records

Why are there no birth certificates and records for Malia & Sasha Obama? The media questioned whether Sarah Palin’s youngest child is actually her daughter’s child, Sarah Palin produced his hospital birth certificate, why not provide an explanation? Why are there no birth records of Malia & Sasha Obama in national databases? This is particularly of interest, as we know Barack is using a stolen CT. SSN of Harrison Bounel, which failed both e-verify and SSNVS and fabricated IDs. What's going…

Are you ready to learn how to obtain birth records for your ancestors? Here's how to find these important vital records that document your ancestors' lives...