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Best way to water...better than nipples that can leak. Uses a bucket so no changing water but once about weekly


Make a Cookie Tin Waterer Heater. Under $10, & 10 minutes!


Attract Songbirds to Your Winter Garden

A cold winter day is perfect for curling up by your living room window to watch a colorful parade of songbirds stop by your feeders for a meal. Here's a quick rundown of the most common backyard birds and their favorite things to eat.


10 Beautiful DIY Bird Bath Ideas

If yes then take an initiative for this blissful work with our 9 DIY bird bath ideas, to enjoy the pleasing sights of birds drinking and bathing in front


Homemade Bird Bath Heater

DIY Bird Bath heater: A bird bath heater can be necessary in colder climates during the winter months to keep the bird bath water from freezing over. Although birds have a natural decrease in their need for water consumption during this time, many people still like to have the water out in the yard for the birds. It is recommended, though, that a few sticks be laid...