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Biomimicry helps reduce wind turbine noise.


How does nature inspire innovation? Check out these examples of biomimicry

Biomimicry, or the study of how man uses nature to inspire innovation, has helped many companies design their products.

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How to empty the ketchup bottle every time

Dr Varanasi’s work started with what are known as super-hydrophobic water-shedding surfaces, a classic natural example of which is a lotus leaf. It repels water so effectively that droplets simply tumble off. The reason is that the leaf’s surface is covered with microscopic structures which contain air pockets. This reduces the surface tension that would otherwise cause a water droplet to cling on.

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Carnegie Mellon's snake robot – now better able to ascend sandy slopes (Photo: CMU)

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Can we store data safely for 2,000 years?

From ‘fossilised’ data to a salamander robot, here are some of the ways that Swiss scientists have drawn on Mother Nature’s expertise.

biomimicry-shark skin inspires microbial surface designs

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Nature-Inspired Innovation: 9 Examples of Biomimicry in Action

A great set of photos that show how Kingfisher's beak inspired the Bullet train design. Nature-Inspired Innovation: 9 Examples of Biomimicry in Action : TreeHugger


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