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Oh, look! Advertisement for my step son's biological mother...aka egg donor.

As a non-Deadbeat Dad who was there for his kids. |


Thinking back on several conversations, the child was always more level headed, rational and mature; still holds true to this day.


The whole extended family pays the price.

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From A Daughter To A Mother

A letter to my biological mother.

Mother’s Day … Again. My inner child is still searching for the mother she always wanted. Don’t get me wrong. She isn’t searching for her biological mother … not exactly. She is searching for her biological mother transformed. She wants her to show up in her life as a different person. She wants a kind, patient, loving mother. In other words, she doesn’t want her biological mother.

What's been happening Season 7 started with Hannah's abduction and torture at the hands of AD. This helped introduce the audience to AD, the bigger, badder uber A. We were also introduced to Mary Drake, Jessica DiLaurentis's secret twin sister and Charlotte's biological mother who has been secretly terrorizing Alison along with

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It’s Time to Distance Yourself From (Live Life Happy)

It’s Time to Distance Yourself From


Woman Gives Birth to Children, Discovers Her Twin is Actually the Biological Mother, But She is Technically Her Own Twin

Living with an alcoholic man was not easy for my mother or me either. My earliest Memory of fighting between the two of them, my mom and bio father, is at the biological age of four; developmentally though I was about the mental development of a two year old the year being 1973 while we were making the last move to Alaska through Canada from California. I can remember an argument which occurred when my mom fought and won to drive us to the border