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Bill clinton cancer

Lanny Davis, a former top adviser to President Bill Clinton, today issued a scathing rebuke to a controversial new Democr...

Bill Clinton is compelling because he has never been someone who exudes a sense of deprivation … while pundits like Wolf Blitzer may still see eating fruits, grains and vegetables as a move away from “fun foods,” there’s something about the transformation of a man who was right there first in line for those “fun foods” that makes a persuasive case for recalibrating our notion of “fun.” Arterial blockage – not so fun! Obesity, diabetes and cancer – less fun than a pineapple, I swear.

117 Pounds Bill Clinton Suffers from Cancer? #BillClinton, #Cancer, #Elections, #Health, #HillaryClinton, #Illness, #Stress, #Weight

Former US President Bill Clinton recently confirmed that he is indeed eating a mainly vegan diet. In the interview, the former president explains the reason behind his decision to go vegan.

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bill clinton skinny cancer fears

Caring for Your Introvert

"Caring for your Introvert" article on The Atlantic. For those of us who get tired after hours of being with people ... you might be an Introvert and that's ok!

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Bill Clinton Speaks About Science And Cancer Research At Charity Event

Bill Clinton Speaks About Science And Cancer Research At Charity Event - Forbes

Samuel Richard "Sandy" Berger (October 28, 1945 – December 2, 2015) was an American political consultant who served as the United States National Security Advisor for President Bill Clinton from March 14, 1997 until January 20, 2001. Berger died of CANCER in Washington, D.C. on December 2, 2015 at the age of 70, more than a year after being diagnosed initially.

Obama Backs Away From al Qaeda “Defeat” Claim.In a subtle but important shift three days ago during remarks nominating Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) to be Secretary of State, Obama revised the assertion, stipulating that “the al Qaeda core is on the path to defeat.”

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