If you like it, please share it! Everyone loves flowers. Especially great big huge pretty flowers! Want to learn how to make huge paper flowers with your Silhouette® machine instead of by hand? A few months ago someone shared this picture on Facebook and right away I was smitten and knew that someday I was going …

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big huge pink bow tutorial - used this to make a decorative bow for a bustle - came out well and was easy!

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surfer, insane, huge wave, surf, surfing, waves, big waves, barrel, ocean, sea, water, swell, surf culture, beach, drop in, surf's up, surfboard, salt life, #surfing #surf #waves

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Big, huge, over-sized double chaise lounge chair to snuggle up & read or watch TV or movies with kids, hubby or alone.

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One big black dog with white spot on chest, tall as woman next to him, Favors Cane Corso LEONITIS The BIG SHOW SARGENT Grand but Leontis white spot on chest smaller, Corinthian's Roman Lee Williams white spot chest, & Corinthian's Kronos, King of the Titans cane corso dogs pets cool regal dog Italian Mastiff cane corsi --- They were both sired by Grand Champion Leonitis Big Show Sargent

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Large abstract painting teal blue navy grey gray white canvas art wall art big huge painting contemporary minimalist modern

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✦that's so fetch✦ || ❀(lazycupcake15)<<STOP TRYING TO MAKE FETCH A THING, GRECHIN

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My husband is amazing. I suggest a crazy idea...that he is completely against....until he isn't. Lol. This is my 11' X 7' bed that he built me! I saw it on Pinterest (like most of my crazy ideas) and thought it would be perfect for us! 5 kids, 2 dogs and a cat...and US. Yes more often than not everyone climbs on our bed to hang out. Now it's big enough for that!!!!! Love him! Love my bed!!!! Love love love!!!!!

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