An amazing plus size Yogi, follow her on Tumblr. Joy to the Yogis Sassyyogi’s Christmas Challenge Day 1 Revolved wide legged standingforward fold Day 2 Rabbit pose Day 3 Warrior III with ea...

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The palms-down wrist curl is useful focuses on the top of the forearm, the extensors and the brachioradialis muscle. This exercise doesn’t involve secondary muscles.

Strength Where It Counts: Who cares how big your forearms are if they can't get the job done? Build strength you can use with these five grip-building techniques!

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From Quarter Dog, step both feet together so your big toes are touching. Keeping your shoulders parallel with the ground, slowly raise your right leg into the air. Continue pressing your left heel toward the floor, gazing between your hands. After five breaths, switch sides, lifting the left leg. Then release, resting your arms in Child's Pose.

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