#Shadowhunters 2x02 "A Door Into the Dark"

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#ShareIG Easton always asks to carry Marlow out of the car. Today she rested her head on his shoulder and it melted my mama heart.

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You guys are picturing happy things but im sitting here imagining Dean after his mom dies. His Dad drinking more, almost always out, and him alone with Sammy. Him slowly realizing that the Easter Bunny and Santa isn't real. The tooth fairy not giving him a new quarter. So he vows to give Sammy something to believe in, and as long as possible, before the monsters and the dark catch up to him.

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Stevie Ray Vaughn

Previewing the Big Brother 14 Cast + Exclusive Interview with Russell Hantz | Big Brother Spoilers

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So true, don't you think? #Barrack #Barrackobama #Nobama https://www.sonsoflibertytees.com/patriotblog/so-true-dont-you-think-15/?utm_source=PN&utm_medium=Pinterest+%28Memes+Only%29&utm_campaign=SNAP%2Bfrom%2BSons+of+Liberty+Tees%3A+A+Liberty+and+Patriot+Blog-26628-So+true%2C+don%27t+you+think%3F

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