70 Girls' Names that are Pure Victorian England: Evangeline Many of the names are long and multisyllabic, including lacy creations like Arabella and Euphemia, quirkier gentleladies like Winifred and Adelaide, and biblical rarities like Tryphena and Hephzibah. The restraint of virtue names like Honor and Prudence is balanced by the lushness of Violetta and Evangeline.

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Baby Girl Name: Liliana. Meaning: After the lily flower: Pure; Graceful. Origin: Latin; Italian; Portuguese; Polish; Hungarian. http://www.pinterest.com/vintagedaydream/baby-names/

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The name Ruth is also a beautiful one, which is what my husband and I named our only living baby. Thus, I am an avid supporter of this name and have a bit of a bias towards it. But it means "friend." Jesus teaches us to always be friendly to everyone and accept and love everyone for who they are, and the name Ruth is a daily reminder of that.

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