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t shirt + bf jeans | @itscameronchu

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16 Times Tumblr Was Fucking Funny About History

"I got 95 problems and the Catholic church's sale of indulgences is all of them" – Martin Luther, probably.

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An interior design, decorating, and DIY (do it yourself) lifestyle blog with budget decor and furniture sources, paint colors, designer room images.

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when your bestie breaks up with her bf and you gotta mentally prepare yourself to beat his ass

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16 Times Tumblr Was Fucking Funny About History

This one-sentence summation of church history:

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"My favorite sound on Christmas morning is hearing my sister coming downstairs. She's 24 with special needs and still believes in the magic. It's wonderful!"

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// h u n t e r ▽

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e57d3dd468c437a76ab0f7253bb8bf79.jpg (947×975)

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Pinterest: @hiljayde | insta: @hiljayde

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-follow the queen for more poppin' pins @kjvouge✨❤️-

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After Dinner Mints, Anyone?

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Me 519 7148 now done thanks with halfway ease you god gold speed cassiel

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