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Riddle of the Day

The day after Monday, the day before Friday, the day before tomorrow, the day after todsy

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Trick Questions for Kids

Have a penchant for riddles and trick questions? Here are some interesting trick questions for kids which will definitely make you roll once you get to the answers!

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Weekly Riddle: Riddle me this!

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wuzzles word puzzles - Google Search

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Image result for riddler's riddles

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I figured it out!!;D the answer is well dont be a lazy bum and figure it out yourself!

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Hp Tomione,Ch Tom Riddle,Muggle,Otp,Curse,Knew

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Best Riddles and Answers

Outside Riddles and Answers - Treasure Hunt Riddles and Answers

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Ravenclaw Riddle #23 You heard me before, Yet you hear me again. Then I die, 'Till you call me again. What am I?

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