The Best Refrigerator Brands! Who Makes The Best Refrigerator?

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CONSUMER REPORTS on which French-door refrigerators are the best? They keep fresh-food items at an accessible eye level. Plus the narrow door swing of the side-by-side doors can be an essential space saver in smaller kitchens. Here are the best from Consumer Reports' tests.

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At first glance, some refrigerators may look exactly just like each other, particularly those with similar models. However, their similarities are only on the exterior, since each refrigerator comes with its unique mechanism and ...

DEAR MARY: What is the best refrigerator brand overall? We are ready to purchase a French-door style refrigerator with water and ice in the door. Thank you. Anne DEAR ANNE: When we did a major remodel of our kitchen, I went into hyper research mode to find the exact refrigerator you describe. I had one more […]

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To select the best refrigerator brand for your home, you must first list down your needs. This is important because each company creates a refrigerator...

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