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Women Love Bad Boys: The Psychology Behind Why Women Go For The Assh*les

Such bullshit. Not "all" women go for bad boys/assholes. In fact, they are my worst nightmare. Give me a kind, considerate, consistent, honest, gentle, smart man over a "bad boy" any day!!!

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Last night i dreamt about my Dad. He was obviously watching us all climbing high to the top of the mountain and reaching out to us <3

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It's so true. We talk like we are still best friends... But then when we don't see each other, it's like we never knew each other... It's a real connection but you are blind and I see it way to clearly .... I will always love you

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3 Poems about Father's Day

My dad is in hospice and is not going to be with us much longer. These are some very true words. My dad is my best friend and I am the person I am because of him.:

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Mom Poems From Daughter That Make You Cry | Sad Poems About Death that make you cry For Friends in Hindi On Love ...

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