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Best LED Under Cabinet Lighting 2016 (Reviews/Ratings)

LED has changed over the years both in brightness and quality of light. We will show you the best current LED products

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How to Buy Off Road LED Light Bars

Off-Road LED Lights and #OffRoadLEDLight Bars Collage of Off-road #LED Lights and LED Light Bars How to Buy Off Road LED Lights Tips on how to get the best LED light bar your money can buy…

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Best Led Light Bar Offroad Reviews 2015 - 2016

Best Led Light Bar Offroad Reviews 2015 – 2016 Find helpful information on how to choose LED light bar Offroad and the latest selection of led light bars with reviews for 2015 and new arrivals for 2016

The Recon 12 off road LED light bar uses the best technology to create brightness wherever you go! Get it only at Extreme Tactical Dynamics.

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A new international design competition will award 15 thousand euros to the best sustainable residential landscapes anywhere in the world. The idea is to highlight projects that create a “contemporary dialogue between architecture, ecology and landscape” and serve as “places of inspiration and creation, as habitats that tell stories.”


Sound Reactive Equalizer Skirt

LED light skirt. The image isn't the best example for LARPing, but the technology can be adapted. The lights react to sound and change colors. It would be an amazing to work this into a larp outfit.