Awwww always..I can feel flawed and see myself as not so pretty...and he will say to me "you're beautiful.." What more can I ask for? I have a husband that desires and loves me no matter how I feel or look ..I will always be his best friend and his forever love..and his beautiful baby as he calls me.. milesnkimmy

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For the AMAZING Husbands who our children call DADDY! Fathers Day printable subway print art card dad father husband music

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The healthiest relationships are those where you’re a team; where you protect each other and stand up for one another.

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Husband Quote & Picture: I ask myself every did I get so lucky to marry my best friend in this world

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In my every weakness, you are my strength. You build me up when I am down. You compliment me sweetly and out of the blue. All the little things you do I know you love me and all the days that go by I have loving sweet memories of being with you. I love you, I appreciate you, you are my very best friend, my awesome husband of mine! <3 Jefferson Daniel Marler<3

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My husband is a promise from our Father that I will have a best friend forever.

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