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Constance and the maid stand-offs are the best ❤️

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Further into the season, Fiona befriends Marie Laveau, even though it was witches vs voodoo. This demonstrates how racism has blown over in our culture and a large majority of us aren't racist.

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Season 2 by far the fave

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American Horror Story

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Best actresses ever

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winter asylum - Bing images

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'American Horror Story: Hotel' Recap: Outbreaks and Breakdowns

Back when Ryan Murphy first revealed that American Horror Story would reboot each season, he even famously promised that this show would never involve vampires or werewolves.

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American Horror Story #AHS

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tumblr funny | I love him so much | and American Horror Story is amazing

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American horror story - Murder house. Best intro to a series ever.

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"I'm a dealer and a good one, I got the best shit in town"

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American Horror Story, best scene, cried so hard.

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American Horror Story

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#AHS #Coven

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My favorite saying of Tate's

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American Horror Story ASYLUM - The Name Game. This was the best scene, it really lifted the darkness and despair for a minute and made you laugh.

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