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Indoor Grow Lights: Two new and better choices, T8 and T5 bulbs, are now available. Old-line T12 fluorescent bulbs are still cheap and easy to find, but T8 bulbs, are up to 40 percent more efficient. Plants get plenty of light when grown within 2 inches beneath T8 bulbs.


If you have never seen Seasonal Affective Disorder in action, just take a look at a houseplant in winter: sad, droopy, and straining toward a watery shaft of sunlight. You can cure this problem with indoor grow lights; here are 10 of our favorites:

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How to Care for Orchids

Orchids are no more difficult to care for than ordinary houseplants. They require slightly different watering and fertilizing techniques, but…

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10 Seed Starting Garden Hacks

You do not need expensive grow lights. Just head to your hardware store and pick up some low cost shop lights. Buy one warm and one cool bulb to put in them so your plants are getting the full spectrum of light (they will reward you for this). You won't want to miss the rest of our 10 Seed Starting Garden Hacks! These DIY tips and ideas will help you be the best gardener around!


After a few weeks I realized the natural light wasn't cutting it. I made these simple shelves out of half inch maple (the same stuff the planter boxes are made out of). I mounted a 2 bulb (T8) fluorescent fixture under each and did my best to hide the cords. Hopefully this will be enough light for them.

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Plant Lights - How to Choose the Best Indoor Lighting for Plants