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Best Gaming Names

Sherlock S04 E01 "The Six Thatchers". Season 4.

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Love this scene, Sherlock would be such a great dad, don't you think? I mean not really, but who cares? He'd be the PERFECT PARENT.

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One's character is best revealed by their approbation of Benedict Cumberbatch, apparently. Follow...

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Dude I get that you're utterly devastated but it was her choice! HER choice!

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best of tumblr

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(FC Colton Haynes) Names Anders. I can be a nice guy but I'm also a bit of a troublemaker and I have a habit of stealing things, mainly pick pocketing. I'm also good at hacking into computers, usually do that when I get bored. I just make sure it's not traced back to me. Anyway, I like video games, music and drawing. Say hi if you want.

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Roses, all about roses. FlirtyFleurs did a "The Blush Pink Rose Study" and pictured/described the roses. Simply beautiful. I can only imagine how amazing their studio smelled!

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Lol! Im so doing this!!! Do give me the Aux cord in any of your cars friends!!!

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