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I'm 100% sure Scott Had NO FUCKING IDEA. And this is hilarious because you know it's true.

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Every part of every movie is the best part!!

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Best Ever Harry Potter Collection

Best Ever Harry Potter Collection

HP facts, I knew some of these but others were really cool<<<<< I saw somewhere that Dan Radcliffe's scream had to be edited out of the movie because it was deemed to agonizing. If that's not considered great actin I don't know what is

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Bland Marvel Headcanons No! Not Wade! Save our poor Logan from the horror of eternity with only Deadpool!

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#72 Thanks to @british_oncer for sending in this great fact Dm me facts for a shoutout and a chance to be the best fact of the week!

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Harry Potter Facts - pretty sure this is why I've always loved Emma. Deep down, we're soul sisters.

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