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Rocket Engineering can be studied in Ukraine at national aerospace university, which is considered among best in rocket engineering universities. Their alumna’s vouched and is the great example of the university’s quality. Their placements in amazing and reckoned places talk about the mission the institution stand for.

Locavore Or Vegetarian? What’s The Best Way To Reduce Climate Impact Of Food? by Elliott Campbell, Associate Professor, Environmental Engineering, University of California, Merced

#EducateGirlChild: please do not abort girls or sell us The world makes a very big mistake to write off women. God took a rib from man and formed a woman. The last thing I read was that Eve fed Adam something and both got banned from Eden. You cannot be serious. A woman caused man to leave paradise. These days some laws in some parts of the world are clear. Boys are better than girls. Hardly too many cultures pay dowry for a boy to marry someone's girl. This would normally mean that the…

Southeast Asia’s first nanomedicine research institute gets $60 million funding | Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is establishing the new $60 million Nanomedicine Institute@NTU to focus on applications of nanotechnology for diabetes, cardiovascular, ophthalmology, and skin therapeutics.