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What are the Best Musicians Earplugs for Concerts and DJs?

Earlove - Wall Street Journal

Earlove Blog — Earlove Earplugs - The best earplugs for Concerts, EDM, Clubs, Music, Musicians,Drummers, Percussion,Guitar, Rock

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These cut the noise while allowing me to hear my Scala G9 in almost all conditions. Plus I can hear things like sirens no problem.

Dads at one direction concerts

Dads dragged along to the One Direction concert

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Ears Plugs Noise Reducing Hearing Protection For Sleeping, Concerts, Music, Shooting, Construction Work, Motor Sports Racing, Reusable Soft Hypoallergenic Silicone Material Case Cord Earplugs (Blue) - -


Dads dragged along to the One Direction concert…

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