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These are the Best Small Non Shedding Dogs For Kids. They are perfect for families short on space or dealing with kids or adults with allergies.

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Vizsla is a medium sized dog breed native to Hungry.Vizsla dogs are known for their loyalty and companionship.They are affectionate dogs who get along well with kids.Vizsla is ranked as 2nd best dog breed for kids.

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Thinking about getting a family friend to ease your child's fears and worries? Check out our picks for the best dog breeds for kids with anxiety!

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English Spaniel- If you’re looking for playful, smart, and good with kids all in one, an English Spaniel makes a perfect addition to your family.

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Siberian huskies and Alaskan malamutes make wonderful nannies because they're nurturing and gentle, but never forget their size or how playful they are. And, as with any dog, never leave your child alone and in a vulnerable position. - Ronni

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Wondering about the best small hypoallergenic dogs for kids? Check out our list of the best little breeds that are great for kids & people with allergies!

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The Irish Setter | Best Dogs for Kids: 20 Dog Breeds Good With Children

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Miniature poodle - These dogs are great for families with kids, but can be high strung.

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