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The 8 coolest bars in Amsterdam

It’s well known that the Dutch like to get a little intoxicated once and a while, but they also like to drink alcohol (!), and they have some pretty spectacular spots around the city to do it in. Whether you’re into some Belgian brews, craft cocktails, wine flights, or straight-up delicious jenever (it’s like gin's cooler, sexier cousin), these are the eight best places to grab a cold one in Amsterdam.

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BEST ROOFTOP BARS IN AMSTERDAM - Enjoy a drink while looking out over an amazing view of Amsterdam’s skyline? Yes please! Here are our favorite rooftop and sky bars in Amsterdam. - AWESOME AMSTERDAM

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The 10 Best Bars And Pubs In Amsterdam

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SPECIALTY BEER BARS IN AMSTERDAM • best craft beer in Amsterdam

You'll find all the Amsterdam beer bars, local breweries and beer shops on our free PDF map. You can print the double-sided map or use it on your smartphone or tablet. find the Amsterdam Beer Map at

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Amsterdam is probably one of the best vegan-friendly cities in Europe. Being vegan in Amsterdam is easy with the wealth of juice bars, sandwich and salad

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The 8 Coolest Restaurants in Amsterdam

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the 9 best spots to eat vegan in Amsterdam (juice bars, cafés, salad restaurants and more! oh my!) // at

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13 AMSTERDAM SECRET PLACES • hidden Amsterdam

Pssst! Want to know something really special about #Amsterdam? Here are some hidden places you can discover

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Winkel 43

Cafe - Winkel 43 does the best apple pie in the world (if you disagree Marc might have something to say!). There's loads of outside seating. It's located right next to a small market called the Noordermarket and with the "9 Straatjes" nearby, it's a lovely and "uniquely Amsterdam" area to walk around .

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