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100 Best Albums of the Eighties

another great album that meant a lot to me- *I remember asking my friend Cathy to buy 4 me 4 my either 13/14 b-day

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Run That Back!:10 Albums That Shaped Me

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.... some of my favourite songs came from this album.... Lauryn has such a strong and amazing voice... love her!!!!

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100 Best Albums of the Eighties

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The 5 best album covers of 2014 so far

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100 Best Albums of the Nineties

In slowing the tempos down from dizzy to primal, in choosing meaty presence over mere velocity in the riffing, Metallica made a record of durable, mature violence — not to mention the biggest metal album of the decade.

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100 Best Albums of the Nineties

The Nineties as a musical era started late and ended early — kicked in by the scritchy-scratch power chords of "Smells Like Teen Spirit," ushered out by the doomy piano intro of ". . . Hit Me Baby One More Time." Anti-pop defeated by pop — full circle, all apologies. You've heard the story. This is our list of the 100 Best Albums of the 1990s.

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100 Best Albums of the Nineties

Im surprised this album didnt disintigrate, as much play as it got. And its 20th anniv last Sept 2011. I'm getting old.

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