BERNINA 880: how to clean and oil your sewing machine - YouTube

Regular maintenance ensures that your BERNINA will be a source of satisfaction for many years to come. Dust and textile fibres that can settle on moving part.

BERNINA 880: first steps, how to thread and prepare for sewing

Get to know the BERNINA In this instructional video we show you how to prepare the BERNINA 880 for sewing - from threading the needle and installing the.

Oiling the BERNINA 880/830/820 If you would like to download the file and print it...Please click here It is very important that YOU, the new owner, know how to correctly oil your Bernina 830/820 sewing machine. Many tension problems can be avoided if the hook system receives the much needed

It's is very important that you know how to oil your Bernina 830 and