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Beretta 92FS (9mm) Shot at Midwest Guns 4/21/2012 This was the first semi-auto I ever liked. One-handed worked best. :)

Beretta 92/ Series Over Mold Laser Grips

Beretta 92 pistol series - imfdb :. guns in movies :. movie guns :. the internet movie firearms database

BERETTA 92 - (also Beretta 96 and Beretta 98) is a series of semi-automatic pistols designed and manufactured by Beretta of Italy. The model 92 was designed in 1972 and production of many variants in different calibers continues today. The United States Armed Forces replaced the Model 1911A1 .45 ACP pistol in 1985 with the military spec Beretta 92F, the M9.

I'd like to learn how to use a hand gun and be good at it. This is a Beretta 92SB. (No, I'm not a Republican.)

Cld reduce the expense of beginner practice...............Beretta 92 FS Airsoft Electric Pistol by Umarex