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Glen Doherty - Former U.S. Navy Seal July 10, 1970 - September 12, 2012 “Glen was a superb and respected operator, a true quiet professional. Don’t feel sorry for him, he wouldn’t have it. He died serving with men he respected, protecting the freedoms we enjoy as Americans and doing something he loved. He was my best friend and one of the finest human beings I’ve ever known.” -Brandon Webb

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Air Force whistleblower: We could have saved Benghazi victims | Washington Examiner

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. The people who elected you, gave you your job, and you walk out over issues as trivial as THEIR DEAD CHILD??? Do not rehire (elect) these idiots. They know not whom they serve.

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Now this is a true man! Next time you have an incident like Benghazi who are you gonna call? DJT. Next time you need a scam artist? Who you gonna call? HRC---Jailbirds just arrived on AirForce One to Islamabad!!!!

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He has blood on his hands. #Benghazi #Benghazi #Benghazi. He is a murderer! Many times over! Wake up!!!

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BossyBee on

Our Media has NO shame...they're ignoring #Benghazi to save a failing ideology.

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This is disgusting. I don't care the context this quote may have been in, this is an unacceptable thing to say. "Let's keep in mind, Ambassador Stevens was the one who wanted to be in Benghazi." ~ Lib Leslie Marshall

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