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No Shame

Benghazi Truth: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has appointed a panel of outside experts to investigate. More spending on security improvements will certainly help, but there will still be threats and risks. America’s diplomats must be protected, but they cannot do their jobs and interact with the world if they operate only behind fortress walls. There will always have to be a balance. Ambassador Stevens knew that…

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So You Want The Truth About Benghazi? Benghazi is all about tarnishing Hillary Clinton before 2016. The GOP and Fox News are wetting their pants in fear that she will be the nominee. There's not much they can do about it except scream, "Benghazi!".

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Cher not ONLY disappoints but I'm starting to think Hollywood is like a brainwashed cult. No discussions, vilify those who don't think like them. They won't hire conservatives. Almost sounds like Hitler!!!!

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ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? These clowns want everyone to think that embassy security (ESPECIALLY THE SECURITY OF AN AMBASSADOR ASSIGNED TO LIBYA) is important to them. THEY ARE THREATENING TO FURTHER SLASH EMBASSY SECURITY BY 50% UNLESS THEY GET WHAT THEY WANT. Click the link below to read the actual bill.....

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benghazi**The truth is there, the question is...Who will take these dogs down, how many more people will die for their power hungry egotistical mania? There has to be decent, honorable and moral humans in this country that still believe in justice.

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Rwe are proud of you guys and remember you and your family with prayers. Benghazi - The Media Wont.

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Of course the gov't is blaming the Russians, they want you to forget about what theydid

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The Truth In Plain Sight and Yet Pushed Aside! OMG What Has This World Become and What A Crying Shame!

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Just like the rest of "them" -- says that the capital of Israel is Tel Aviv. Didn't they have geography books in ROTC?

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HAHA!!!! Not to mention, our Veterans & military who haven't forgotten Benghazi

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