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Bengal Tiger: The Bengal tiger is a large, striped cat from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Burma. It lives in a variety of habitats, including rainforests and dense grasslands. The Bengal tiger can live to about 18 years in captivity, and probably a few years less in the wild. Bengal tigers are mostly solitary, but sometimes travel in groups of 3 or 4. These tigers are in danger of extinction due to over-hunting by poachers.


The Bengal tiger has the largest population of all the tiger breeds at approximatley 2,500 individuals in the wild. Most of these tigers inhabit Bangladesh and India. These tigers are smaller than the Siberian tiger. They weigh up to 550 lbs. Like the Siberian tiger, the Bengal is also victim to human conflict and habitat loss which is why they also remain on the endangered species list.

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Bengal Tiger: The beautiful big cat of South Asia

Bengal Tiger Habitat | Bengal Tiger: The beautiful big cat of South Asia | The Lovely Planet

Only 100 Bengal Tigers left in Sunderban. Some 440 tigers were recorded during the previous census conducted in 2004 in the World Heritage-listed habitat.

The Bengal Tiger is the national animal of India.India is the home for the world’s largest population of tigers.In the Big Cats dairy of India there are only 1411 Royal Bengal Tigers left as per record.Conservation efforts called “Project Tiger” is on his way to Save Bengal Tigers. Bandhavgarh national park has been an excellent habitat of tiger and is known for the highest density of tigers in the world.


White Bengal tiger......Although popular in some zoos, 'White Bengal Tigers' are extremely rare in the wild - the last sighting of a white tiger in its natural habitat was near Rewa in Central India back in 1951.


HELP SAVE BENGAL TIGER CORRIDORS FROM COAL MINING! The Indian Prime Minister is ignoring the rules to protect tigers & has politially endorsed the programme of coal growth which will result in the removal of over 1.1 million hectares, (4247 square miles), of natural tiger habitat. This expansion in the Central Indian region is home to over a quarter of the tiger population. PLZ SIGN & SHARE!

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150 Pictures of Tigers - Sleeping, Swimming, with Cubs, and More!

Felidae is the biological family of Big Cats of India and member of this family is called Felid. Big Cats Tiger,Lion,Leopard and jaguar are define this family. The major Big Cats of India are Tiger, Lion and Leopard