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The Benefits of a Sauna After a Workout

Despite being one on the most commonly ignored areas in the gym, taking a sauna after a workout has a range of health benefits that you may be missing out on

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Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

Burn 600+ calories in a single session and get the exercise benefit like you ran 6 to 9 miles! Reduces and kills cancer cells, relieves arthritis pain naturally and so much more!


Detox The Body with Heat: Try a Sauna or Steam Room to Get Rid of Toxins. Check Out the Many Health Benefits of Saunas and Steam Rooms!

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The Science of Saunas

Every morning I wipe the crust out of the corner of my eyes, suck down a giant cup of coffee, & then wander to my basement gym, where I commence to flip the power on my sauna. I then step inside, and sweat hard & heavy for for 15-30 minutes. Sometimes I do yoga, sometimes I do kettlebell swings, sometimes I simply stare at the wall and meditate. Find out why & more by clicking!

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The Benefits of a Sauna for Detox

Use THIS Once A Week To Make Your Face Look 10 Years Younger, Most people who want to look younger will often go to extreme lengths to accomplish this task