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7 Healing Herbal Teas

The sage tea recipe is dangerously strong. Thujone seeker rant: 1) if sage, hyssrop, or mugwort made everyone consistently high we would know it (much of the reputed "absinthe effect" was probably nasty side effects of long term high proof alcohol addiction; 2) thujones have serious health implications...nature knows we need to work, not party all day, 3) botanical "feel goods"/psychoactives are most effective in a tightly knited ecosystem & spiritual community...don't treat the…

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14 Surprising Things That Happen To Your Body When You Give Up Alcohol

While a glass of wine or a bottle of beer can seem like the perfect way to unwind after a long week, or mark a special occasion, there’s a growing body of research that says alcohol isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You don’t have to be a ‘binge drinker’ to be worried about the negative effects of alcohol on your physical and mental… [read more]

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10 Reasons Cutting Alcohol Out Of My Life Was Hard, But So Worth It

A life without alcohol may not seem so difficult on the surface, but when you really consider it, it can actually be understood as a huge challenge. Giving


Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Natural Cures Not Medicine: Minty Lime Detox Smoothie Check out this great smoothie recipe: 1.5 Frozen bananas Half a lime peeled 1 orange - juiced 1 handful of mint Half a cup of coconut water or water

Beer And Your Body Please view the bottom of infographic for document sources. I do not know who designed the infographic, as always... If it's you let me know.  Thanks!