Below the knee amputation

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A few years before the novel starts, Kirby got in a vicious car accident and had to get below the knee of her left leg amputated. You'd never know unless she was wearing shorts.

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Stump shrinkers are also available to assists those with below the knee amputations.

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Below the knee amputation

Below-the-knee amputation. Rehabilitation following such an amputation is a long process that requires a great deal of strength and dedication. In addition to addressing physical issues,...

Prosthetic Leg Types | Pictures of "Figure of 8" method for wrapping a residual limb (below ...

On the morning of Aug. 19, 34-year-old Jessica Rodriguez checked into Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) to have a right leg below the knee amputation performed. #EDS #EDSAwareness #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Lymphedema #AVM #KTS #CTD #HCTD #MCTD #UCTD

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If you've had your leg, or part of your leg amputated you are most commonly an AKA (above the knee/trans-femoral amputation) or a BKA (below the knee/trans tibial amputation) both legs require a few different methods and less or more steps to make. This instructable will focus on a Below the knee leg because it has the least amount of steps, I will show some various fabrication methods and components along the way.

Sean was born with a birth defect, which caused his right leg not to form properly. At 3 years old, Sean underwent a right below the knee amputation, which would eventually allow him to walk properly with a prosthetic foot.

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