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Belgian Blue cattle are "naturally" myostatin negative. These beasts are 100% muscle 0% fat and though your usual clenbuterol fattened meatstock cannot compete, the heavily abused beta-2 agonist could infact work its muscle building, fat burning magic via very similar mechanisms.

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Belgian blue as the name implies, belgian blue cattle originated in central and upper belgium. Description from I searched for this on

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Belgian Blue cattle ... they have a mutation that creates twice the muscle tissue. Calves are so big that Caesarian births are standard.

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Oak wooden floors + kitchen island in Belgian blue stone. V-T Residence by Vincent Van Duysen

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Biggest Animals in the World

Belgian Blue Cattle....when scientist get a hold of an animal, I just can't favor this kind of thing. I love science, but let the animal be normal. Crossbreeding is fine, unless you are messing with gene implantation, artificially, or adding or removing something. In my opinion, that behavior comes from greed at the animals' expense.

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Belgian Blue Fossil worktops and a huge Carrara marble splashback make this Shaker kitchen

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