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She says nothing at all, but simply stares upward to the dark dark sky and watches with sad eyes the slow dance of the stars.

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A #lifequotes by _knowhopecarvedinme_ #qotd #qoutes I'd rather be at work because then I'm interacting with people and my mind doesn't have time to randomly wander off into the darkness... Where I get sad or numb over NOTHING. Please get out and do something when you're having depression. It really helps. When I feel like this I keep my mind clear of any bad thoughts. Its just something I randomly learned to do. I hope you all can find a way through it too! (Also take meds and therapy. I'm…

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depressed depression sad eating disorder alone so sad fat Magic self harm self hate cutting ugly

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"We live in a society where looking cool in pictures on social media has become more important than being a genuine person. "

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