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Beige Wall Stickers

Polka Dots

Metallic gold polka dot wall decals placed on a beige wall behind a victorian style bed headboard. The polka dots are equally spaced over the wall.


Polka Dot Pattern

Girl sitting on her bed in her bedroom in front of golden polka dot wall stickers on a beige wall.



Various sized vinyl pink butterfly wall stickers placed on a beige wall behind a white crib in a girl's nursery.

Our Winnie the Pooh Quote wall sticker is perfect for any baby nursery! Nothing like the simple way Pooh says things: "Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your Heart". Looks amazing in Cocoa on a yellow or beige wall, also great for a neutral baby nursery.


Superhero Masks

Black superhero mask wall stickers equally spaced as a pattern on a beige wall. Each superhero mask has two eyes and two points coming out of the top of the mask. In front there is a black TV and two small plastic chairs.

Seeing stars

Seeing a Coronata Star installation: 4 inches wide vinyl wall decals are a quick decor addition without the hassle of painting. Cut from a specialized vinyl that is specifically designed for home décor. Unlike standard high glossvinyl this has a matte finish that gives a gorgeous painted look. Choice of colors (50 stars for $35.00)


Relax Bathroom Words/Quotes Wall Sticker Decals 17 colours available (Beige) WALL ART DESIRE