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I feel like self assessment is important. This would be a good thing to do in the afternoon to work on writing, reflection, as well as keep them busy while I am recording colors and sending students to their lockers.


Daily/Weekly Take Home Behavior Report 2 from The Bender Bunch on - (2 pages) - Behavior Report Card


Daily Behavior Report English / Spanish EDITABLE

This is a daily behavior report in English and Spanish that I use for a few of my students. At the end of the day, I discuss with the student how they felt the day went and then I tell them how I thought the day went. The three behaviors I assess are:1.


This generic one page current events handout works with any newspaper article and is a fun way for students to record what they learned. It's perfect for busy teachers who need a print-and-go worksheet for current events.


This form is used in a kindergarten classroom to notify parents of how students behaved each day of the week. It is sent home on a daily basis and...


This daily behavior report card correlates with a clip chart in my store (see below). It is an easy way to hold students accountable and keep parents informed on their child's daily behavior during the school day. There is also a section to note what special events they attended that day, how they ate during lunch, and a place for other special information such as things they may have learned that day.


Clip chart. "Here's the form I sent home each day. This form was in each student's folder. The circle is to be filled with whatever color the student ends the day on. You need 7 colors & maybe a pen to write an explanation for 'parent contact' students. So easy. I made a ton of copies of this at the beginning of the year & replaced it at the beginning of each month. It's very visual & I even let the kids color in their circles the last quarter of the year (with supervision).... they loved…