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Beetlejuice 2 Release Date and Updates: Michael Keaton Excited to Work with Tim Burton on Beetlejuice 2 - Crossmap Christian News | Entertainment

'Beetlejuice 2' release date news 2016: Tim Burton, Michael Keaton & Winona Ryder on board, premiere date remains unclear

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Tim Burton~ He began his career at Disney, where his first project was a 6 minute tribute to Vincent Price. His second film, the twenty-seven-minute FRANKENWEENIE, was deemed unsuitable for children and never released in theaters. From breathtaking stop-action animation to bitter sweet modern fairy tales, filmmaker Tim Burton has become known for his unique visual brilliance - witty and macabre at once. He is the creative genius behind BATMAN, BEETLEJUICE, ED WOOD, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS…


Did someone say Beetlejuice ?! worth it or not? If they can make it as good as the first one I am so in!!

Beetlejuice 2 (Yes you read correctly Beetlejuice 2! Release date unknown) Go to for more information