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HOW TO: Enjoy draft beer at home As promised, here is a list of everything you need to enjoy draft (home)brew at home and a look at how it all goes together, courtesy of the Bell’s General Store. 1. Gas splitting options At regulator: Y splitter and ball valves Inline: 2,3,4 or more way air distributor 2. Bevlex options 3/16” – beer or gas 5/16” – Gas or beer – line over 12 feet 3. Pouring options Picnic tap: Direct from keg Faucet: Mounted through a flat surface 4. Keg options Corny: ...

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How to Host a Beer Tasting Party

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Rogue’s Sriracha Hot Stout Beer is really a thing

We love Sriracha, and we love beer. But together? Jury is out. Rogue, the West Coast producer of such beers as the American Ale, Portland State IPA and the Beard beer, as well as ciders and sodas, are doing a hot sauce and beer mashup with their latest brew, the Sriracha Hot Stout Beer.