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Cowboy hats made out of empty beer boxes are available online and at the superstores. These gags require you to pay a decent cost for purchasing. However, you can make use of your creative skills to make your beer box hat at home. These sort of fancy hats look great, especially when you have to go out in sun. You will need to have two empty beer boxes and they can be easily found if there has been a party of adults!Things Required:- 2 empty 24-can beer boxes- Marker- Packing tape- String…


How to Make a Beerbox Cowboy Hat Video Tutorial how to make a beer box hat Video Tutorial


Recycled Beer Box Cowboy Hats - Made From Real Beer Boxes!


How to Make an Amazing Beer Box Hat

Beer box hats are popular accessories for frat parties and tailgating, and luckily they’re cheap and relatively easy to make. Here’s how to make a beer box hat for yourself.