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Where is the best place to put a beehive?

Where is the best place to put a beehive? -Here's what you need to know about sunlight, apiary air traffic control, and skunks. -By on Jan 21, 2014


Mason Jar Beehive

This is really cool, my grandpa used to keep them in those white box things...true I don't know much about it because I am deathly afraid of bees and wasps, but I would be willing to have bees if le hubby takes care of them and we have amazing honey! "Mason bee farming"


Woodworking tutorial: How to Make a Bee Box, from Squash Blossom Farm. #hive #beekeeping #honeybee

Bee Keeping Love the colors beehive boxes, with attached water sources I need to continue going to the bee keeper meetings - Fun


Last night brought the first really heavy rains of the season to western Washington. It reminded me that beekeepers should keep their hives tipped slightly forward so rainwater doesn’t run into the...


How to Choose Bird Nesting Boxes & Bee Houses

Bird nesting boxes and bee houses can help wildlife and benefit your garden if used properly. These tips help you decide which type of species you want to house, including bees, bird, bats, and owls. Be sure to choose a house specifically designed for species in your area.


35+ Beautiful Bee Sweetness - The D.I.Y. Dreamer

Upcycled Bee Box Sideboard....I don't know where I would put this yet, but I now know a use for dads old hive boxes!


Create a Bee-Friendly Garden

To keep bees in your garden, give them a place to nest and breed. You can make your own by filling a wood box with rolls of paper or cut bamboo reeds, or buy one that looks as beautiful as it is functional. #ad #bee #garden


How to set up your first beehive--detailed instructions for those installing either packaged bees or Nucs this spring!